Favourite Animals – Wasps/Wolves Trios EP

Release date: 6th March 2018 (digital EP)

Three trios formed from the Favourite Animals ensemble play improvised interpretations of ‘Wasps/Wolves’ by Cath Roberts. An appendix to the Favourite Animals large ensemble album….

1. Dee Byrne (alto saxophone), Anton Hunter (guitar), Tom Ward (bass clarinet)

2. Sam Andreae (tenor saxophone), Julie Kjær (flute), Tullis Rennie (trombone)

3. Seth Bennett (double bass), Anton Hunter (guitar), Graham South (trumpet)


Recorded at City, University of London in August 2017.
Engineered by Alex Bonney with studio assistance from Vincent Ott.
Mixed and mastered by Alex Bonney.

Cover image: cut-up excerpt from ‘Wasps/Wolves’ score.

Luminous Label 2018 | LU009